Key Features and Benefits of
Fendous CRM

We bring the results while helping you achieve cost and time savings without taking on risk or management overhead.

Lead Management

Fendous CRM (Customer relationship management) makes it easy to capture, qualify, and convert leads into customers. With its intuitive lead management tools, businesses can quickly create, assign, and prioritize leads based on various criteria, such as lead source, industry, and behavior.

Sales Forecasting

Fendous CRM provides robust sales forecasting capabilities that help businesses make informed decisions based on accurate data. By analyzing historical sales data and current trends, Fendous CRM can predict future sales outcomes and help businesses identify areas for improvement.

Customer Support

We offer a range of customer support tools that enable businesses to deliver exceptional service to their customers. From ticket management and knowledge base creation to live chat and email integration, we help businesses provide fast and efficient support to their customers.


Fendous CRM has also the option to help you integrate the various software you use to run your business. We have the option to integrate with our CRM and help you get all your needs at a place.

Search Engine Optimization

Fendous CRM provides wide range of listing your software into top notch ledger so that you can get to contact with lots of potential customer on go.

Easy Dashboards

Easy Dashboards for your admin, manager and employee panel. It will help every employee to manage the data in smooth and go.